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2015-12-03 11:16 am

The Kahs-Wan Mark: A K/S Ficlet

Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Ship: Kirk/Spock
Notes: hurt/comfort, mention of childhood trauma, non-sexual, early relationship
Word Count: 835

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Summary: Jim and Spock are lounging in bed when Jim notices Spock's kahs-wan mark for the first time. The Vulcan does not respond well to questions about it...

After coming across the above, apparently official art detailing all of Spock’s scars and physical characteristics, I now cannot get the idea of the first time Jim saw his kahs-wan mark out of my head.
Parts near the end of this read more like a headcanon rather than a fic proper, but it just seemed the most natural way to write it and so I did. You'll probably see what I mean when you get there, but I hope it doesn't distract from the narrative too much. Hope you like!

The Kahs-Wan Mark
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Thanks for reading! I'm going to start posting more of my fic here just so I have it archived somewhere other than KSA and Ao3. <3

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2015-11-16 01:10 pm

On Happiness

At the risk of being annoying, I just have to share. I haven't been this happy or satisfied with life in a really really really long time.

I'm still not 100% happy with the full-time gig, but things have calmed down a lot since certain people started working in the field. I typically go into my office first thing in the morning, and just chill in here, do my work, and don't worry about what's going on in the rest of the building. No one bothers me, I get my work done, and I go home at 5 o'clock. I make a conscious decision to leave work at work, and go home to relax. In comparison with recent months, it's been pretty low stress.

Making matters better on the financial front (as well as others), I recently started working part-time freelance on a much more creative project that I really enjoy working with. Sorry to be super vague about it, but I have to be. Anyway, the extra money in my pocket is going help SO MUCH while I continue to search for a more lucrative and more satisfying full-time job... not to mention the boost to my resume. So I'm really thrilled about that.

I still have not written a full write-up about KiScon. I promise to get around to that in the next week or so. It was my first K/S convention, a HUGE departure from the everyday anime and pop culture cons I'm so used to attending, and much smaller in sheer numbers than I'm used to. I had so so so much fun and met so many amazing ladies. I love all of you and wish we could all hang out again immediately, like wow.

My "Celestial Bodies" necklaces were a HUGE hit, which honestly surprised the crap out of me. I wasn't expecting them to be very popular at all because they weren't K/S related... I mean, I figure most people attending a K/S art auction want... K/S.. art? Which naturally they did, but people just kept remarking on how much they loved my jewelry and lots of people asked about commissioning work later. I was so flattered!

Anyway, this isn't a KiScon writeup post, LOL. I'll get to that. But my trip to Seattle in general was amazing. I stayed with some friends for a few days after the con so I would have a chance to see the city a bit more. We did all the touristy things in downtown, including Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, but BY FAR the most amazing part was our day trip out to Mount Rainier.

I have dreamed of hiking there my entire life. I've seen all the beautiful nature photos worthy of being desktop wallpapers and calendars and the like... and I'm here to tell you that seeing that view in person is absolutely breathtaking.

I'm definitely going back. I'm definitely making more time to do Saint Helens as well, next time.

In other news, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, writing-wise. I signed up for K/S Advent, Old Married Spirk Challenge, T'hy'la Big Bang, the Strange New Worlds Anthology AND the 50th Anniversary K/S zine: Devotion. O______________o


...most of the time you were in Seattle? ...yes.

My entry for Devotion is done and submitted (and accepted, yay!!), but will need edits I'm sure. I've written about 2k of TBB which is due on... Dec 10th. Advent is due on Nov 28th (ya know... like a week and a half from now...) and... I have only just started writing. T___T 

Haven't even STARTED SNW. It's due in Jan.

OMS Challenge is done and posted here: What Is Expected. THANK GOD.

But good lord I have so much writing to do. 


Being happy feels good.