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So much writing lately like omg.

I finished my advent fic so I'm excited to share that later in the month. Still doing a couple edits, but I'll have it in your inbox by tomorrow, awarrington! <3 The thing wound up being almost 10,000 words long. When I originally started writing it I had planned on it being *maybe* 5k. Wth. Why am I incapable of writing shorts lately? Everything I start turns into at least novella length. Which would be fine, if I didn't have a million things to write for in the very near future. Deadlines piling on top of deadlines. I don't know why I do this to myself! T_T

Thanksgiving was good. My brother is being a little shit lately, so I guess I'm the "good child" again, lol. I honestly feel like my relationship with my parents has never been better, especially Mom. Things have always been rocky between us, but she's really chilled out the last couple of years, which I'm grateful for.

We ordered a catered dinner instead of cooking a big turkey and everything at home, which turned out surprisingly delicious. Their kitchen isn't the greatest, and it's a hassle every year just trying to get everything prepared without heating up the entire house (our ventilation is awful and it doesn't take much to heat up a little double wide trailer) so I think it was just a lot easier for her. And everything was yummy, so no complaints from me. We had plenty to eat.

Watched the Macy's parade and the dog show (a new tradition in our house, lol) and walked down to survey the repairs on the gaping chasm that used to be our road. See pic below:

They've since filled in the.. I hesitate even to call it a "hole." More like a GORGE. I'm expecting to see a herd of wildebeests descend into this thing at any moment followed by Simba clinging to one of those culverts in the middle for dear life.

Anyway, they filled it in with a lot of concrete and a lot of dirt, but who knows when the road will be opened again. It's still a mess. I had to drive about a half mile out of the way in order to get to the house when I arrived on Thursday.

But in all, it was a good visit and a nice little holiday. Now onward to Christmas. I'm fairly proud of myself because I've already completed most of my Christmas shopping and it's not even mid-month yet. Go me?



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