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 So I recently went back and updated my writing projects page with everything from back to 2012. 

The takeaway? What the fuck was I doing in 2014??? I published ONE 2,000 word story. Wtf?

Oh yeah, that’s when I wrote ~100,000 words of OG fiction. I guess that’s good.

ANYWAY. I’ve kind of decided that I’m probably not going to finish this story I wanted to send in for Strange New Worlds. I just haven’t pushed myself much with writing over the last couple of months. And honestly I’m kind of okay with that. I’m writing content for both my full time job and a freelance client now while still looking for higher paying marketing work, learning to code in my free time, and lately I’ve been selling a lot of memorabilia carpet from DragonCon so there’s cutting and processing and shipping involved in that -- it’s more work than you’d think, lol. I’m getting ready to launch a podcast on feminism and skepticism next week, and there’s a lot of prep involved in that, because I don’t know shit about audio, so I’ve sort of had to learn everything on the fly. I have a lot going on. I’m pretty busy. Something’s got to slip somewhere. 

That being said, here’s the year end wrap-up --->


New Fan Works for 2015

Traditions Worth Keeping | for K/S Advent | 10,561 words

The Kahs-Wan Mark | no challenge | 835 words

What Is Expected | OMS Challenge | 3,329 words

Tea Shop | no challenge | 458 words

His Golden Pilgrimage | Devotion Zine | 15,000 words

Little Sex Shop of Horrors | no challenge | 1,029 words

Cuddles | no challenge | 526 words

Fire Dance | no challenge | 516 words

Total Published Word Count: 32,257

Total Unpublished Word Count: lol idk but at least 25k. I wrote a lot of stuff I didn’t like enough to post this year. xD




Summation of Works

I wrote mostly K/S this year (duh, lol), and mostly TOS/TOS movie era, along with one Gaila/Uhura pre-slash thingy (Fire Dance) and one Kirk/Gaila + Spock/Uhura comedy piece (Sex Shop). 

My longest piece is actually the one I can’t publish yet. :C I can’t wait to share it with you guys! His Golden Pilgrimage is slated to be published in the Devotion: 50th Anniversary Zine this Spring.

My shortest piece is Fire Dance, a first meeting fic about Gaila and Uhura. 

My favorite piece I wrote this yearTraditions Worth Keeping, my K/S Advent fic. This fic actually has a ton of problems, but overall I really wound up liking it and it was a ton of fun to write. When I started writing it, I expected it to be about 3,000 words long, at most. It quickly grew to 10k and could have been MUCH longer if I had less of a time constraint. It turned into a beast, lol. I’ve had several people leave reviews saying basically HEADCANON ACCEPTED regarding the backstory with Helen Noel and I cannot tell you how *happy* that makes me.

Things I would change in one particular fic, if I could go back and do it over again: I would rewrite parts of Doctor Noel’s approach in TWK. A couple of actual psychologists have left comments saying that while they like the fic, her confrontation was neither professional or believable for a psychologist and I would like to rectify that. 

But it is what it is, and I’m probably not going to rewrite it, so... *shrug* Just know that you should not necessarily take Helen’s perhaps overly aggressive approach as a shining example of how to deal with a similar situation in real life, lol.

Goals for 2016

  1. I really want to write more asexual/demisexual Spock this year. The one story I began (and didn’t yet quite finish, so it is not listed above) this year that dealt directly with the issue was A Logical Formula for Love. It received a good amount of feedback from people searching for stories with ace or demi Spock who all expressed frustration over the lack of stories dealing with this topic. So obviously the solution is to wriTE MOAR.
  2. Femslash. I want to write a T’Pura fic. I need more Captain Uhura and her first officer T’Pring in my LIFE.
  3. Finish The Bonds We Choose. Look, it’s no secret at this point that I kind of hate AOS. Especially with the new movie coming out (which looks godawful IMO), I’m just so beyond (lul) not feeling it anymore. So obviously the solution is to finish my polyamorous OT3 fic that flies completely in the face of canon and says fuck you, JJ, these babies love each other and this does not CONCERN YOU. Go AWAY, JJ! You are not NEEDED here! You too, Pegg! Beat it! Begone! BYE FELICIA. lol. 
  4. Finally write that Turnabout Intruder fic I’ve had tumbling around my head for the past 6 months or so.
  5. Just write MORE in general. I look at some other people in the fandom who just produce SO MUCH, and I feel so inadequate about the meager number of pieces I’m able to come up with. I know, I know, don’t compare yourself to others... but I just feel like I should be doing more. I always feel like I should be doing more.

I guess the truth is, this is sort of the year that I started taking fanfiction seriously. In as much as I *take* it seriously -- but you know what I mean. I never really dedicated myself to producing a consistently growing body of work before this year and I feel a lot better for it. I definitely want to focus on putting out at least one new fic a month, even if it’s just a little <1k ficlet, going forward. 

Thank you to everyone who read my fic this year, thank you to everyone who left feedback and kudos, and a HUGE thank you to my wonderful beta readers. I love you guys! <3333


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